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The Hopkinton Upper Charles Trail Committee’s (UCTC) Objective is to keep Hopkinton residents and businesses apprised of Hopkinton rail trail developments, opportunities for community involvement, provide educational and resource links, and to acknowledge people and businesses that make a significant contribution to the advancement of the project.

The UCTC was formed in August of 2012 and is comprised of eleven volunteer Hopkinton residents appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The roles of the UCTC include efforts to acquire or gain access to privately owned sections of the trail, obtain State and Federal grants and other funds in support of trail development with the goal of minimizing costs borne by the Town, community and abutter outreach, and the planning, design and development of the recreational trail.

Committee Members
Christina Anderson Alternate RCNGBB18@nullyahoo.com
Jim Ciriello Member adresolution@nulloutlook.com
John Coutinho Member johnaziza@nullcomcast.net
Brian Fitzgerald Alternate br.fitzgerald@nullnortheastern.edu
Kelly Karp Member kellywkarp@nullgmail.com
Jane Moran Member jmoran2045@nullaol.com
Kenneth Parker Member Kenneth.Parker@nullsimultof.com
Eli Post Member elipost@nullcomcast.net
Barry Rosenbloom Member barry.rosenbloom@nullverizon.net
Bob Snyder Member bobsnyder21961@nullgmail.com
Eric Sonnett Member baypath@nullverizon.net
Jane Moran Chair jmoran2045@nullaol.com
Eric Sonnett Vice – Chair baypath@nullverizon.net
Barry Rosenbloom Treasurer barry.rosenbloom@nullverizon.net
Bob Snyder Secretary bobsnyder21961@nullgmail.com
Trail Stewards
Michael Boelson  MikeBoelsen2@nullgmail.com
John Gardner  John.Gardner11@nullyahoo.com


The mission of the Hopkinton Upper Charles Trail Committee (UCTC) is to provide leadership and oversight of the planning, design and development of the Hopkinton rail trail for recreational use.


The UCTC meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall.  The public is welcome to attend our meetings.  For meeting agendas, meeting minutes and our document repository, please visit the Town website at:



The Committee is charged with developing the Upper Charles Trail in Hopkinton, from the Milford Town line to the Ashland Town line, which shall include the Hopkinton Center Trail.  The Committee’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, planning, design, permitting, property right acquisition and construction of the trail and associated infrastructure.  The Committee shall identify, apply for and receive any State, Federal or private grants which may become available for the accomplishment of its mission. The Committee may request and advocate for Community Preservation Act funds.  The Committee shall also consider whether to establish a Friends of the Hopkinton Upper Charles Trail 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which will incorporate and encourage citizen involvement, work cooperatively with citizens and the Town to promote the proper use and care of the trail, raise and expend funds for maintenance and improvements and oversee the trail and report improper uses.


The Committee shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair annually.  The Committee shall comply with Open Meeting Law requirements.



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