Center Trail Art Walk – Call for Sculptures

Hopkinton Center Trail Art Walk

Call for Sculpture Submissions

This year, the Hopkinton Center for the Arts and the Upper Charles Trail Committee are inaugurating the first Hopkinton Center Trail Art Walk. The Art Walk will host six to eight outdoor sculpture projects at highly visible sites along the Center Trail.  There will be a selection of artwork from experienced sculptors as well as community groups interested in working with an artist mentor to create a sculpture. The projects will be displayed to the public in August and September.

The Center Trail, approximately one mile long, follows the historic railroad bed built in 1863, through beautiful wooded glades, from Main Street near the center of town to the Hopkinton School campus. The trail is well traveled and enjoyed by residents and students.  A map of the full trail and photos are available at: –

There will also be several poetry inspired events on the Center Trail coinciding with the sculpture exhibits, intended to complement the artwork. Poets Cheryl Perreault and Polly Brown, of Wake Up and Smell the Poetry, are developing this portion of the event and there will be more details to come.

You are invited and encouraged to submit an entry to participate in this exhibit.  The Center Trail Art Committee will promote the event and its participating artists.

  • A plaque will be located at each site, identifying the artist/group and displaying contact information.
  • An on-line and printed brochure with a map will be published, locating and identifying each sculpture and artist.
  • Regular press releases will be targeted to local and regional media outlets.
  • The opening day will be attended by local politicians and dignitaries.

Submission Requirements:

The sculptures will need to be suitable for the outdoors, constructed of sturdy materials, and with consideration for public safety and potential vandalism. They will need to be either securely staked or be able to be bolted to a heavy stone base. Sculptures should be family appropriate.

Submissions are due by May 1 and should be sent by email to

For submissions of existing sculptures, include: dimensions with approximate weight; the material; and two photos showing different views (JPEG file type, maximum file size 1MB).

For submissions of proposed new work, include: sketch or computer rendering of the design, sent as a JPEG or PDF file, with maximum file size 1MB; dimensions with approximate weight; and materials.

A description of the artwork is optional.

Include biographical information:

  • Name of the artist(s) or group
  • Primary contact person, if it is a group effort
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website (if available)
  • Biography or resume or description of group

The proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Center Trail Art Committee based on visual impact, safety concerns, and the ability to implement the design. The Committee will provide feedback if changes are needed to a design in order to make it feasible. The Committee can also provide an artist mentor, if needed, to help a community group implement their proposal.

Schedule Overview

  • May 1: Submissions due
  • May 15: Committee Notification, including feedback
  • July 27-August 1: Installation
  • Sunday August 2: Opening Ceremony
  • August 2 – September 26: Art on Trail Show duration
  • September 19: Poetry on the Trail
  • September 27 – October 4: Remove sculptures



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